Refractories in heat assemblies
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Belokamensky Refractory Сoncrete.

PJSC "Belokamensky Refractory Plant" put into operation new facilities to produce refractory concrete and goods from it.

Production is oriented to renovated industries (iron, steel and alloyed metallurgy, glass, cement), which are intended to change backward energy intensive technologies for up-to-date power efficient ones during construction and maintenance of thermal units. Technical possibilities and production flexibility allow to produce following range of production: concrete mixtures, concrete masses, production of complicated range (simple and extremely difficult goods), culls, including small lots. Alumina silicate fire resistant concretes contain up to 98% of Al2O3 and silica – with SiO2 content not less than 87%, with application temperature up to 1700 °C.

Our products are to be recommended for thermal units of iron & steel metallurgy:

Vacuum degasser: for nozzles lining – concrete, based on laminar silica. Working layer of the roof refractory lining – high silica concrete (94-95% of Al2O3). Bottom part lining – high silica concrete (94-95% of Al2O3).

Tundish: nozzles-pocket blocks, partitions, hit places, stream hit area (metal reservoir), high silica concrete. Internal protective laying – silica concrete (60% of Al2O3).

Blast furnace. Throat – chamotte concrete. Refractory concrete for blast furnace ducts, refractory for notches.

Oxygen converter: protective bricks for charging area – high alumina cast blocks.

Electric Arc Furnace: roof blocks and sealing rings for electrodes –high alumina concrete (70-97 % Al2O3) or cast blocks.

Steel ladle: protective plate at tapping area – alumina concrete (80% Al2O3) or cast blocks. Nozzle-pocket block – high alumina concrete (90% Al2O3). Protective refractory layer – high alumina concrete (60-85% Al2O3).

Besides, we have a possibility to produce refractory concrete and final goods according to customer's drawings, also for rotating furnaces at cement plants lining, for nitrogen chemical enterprises for secondary ammonia reforming reactors, for trucks of tunnel klins for bricks burning lining; for lining of various power plants, using gas, liquid or solid fuel; for refractory lining of waste burning furnaces, etc.

According to customer wishes we can provide calculation of heat insulation and refractory lining of heat aggregates, in accordance with its set parameters and assigned tasks; we provide design of any out of standard refractory goods as well as their manufacturing.

Certified plants laboratory provides quality control of raw materials an finished products in full accordance with ISO demands.

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