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New generation refractory bricks for heat insulation laying of heat power units.

Foamed lightweight refractory brick KPL-400 (TU U26.2-32131555-002:2011) is a new development of PJSC "Belokamensky Refractory Plant"is treated to high temperature refractory goods with the maximum temperature application of 1000 C. Foamed lightweight brick KPL-400 is used for working (not protected) area lining, which is influenced by liquid melt. Area of application: metallurgy, power, chemical, machine building, food and other industries.

We propose refractory brick of almost new quality, which has adopted characteristics, improved strength, minimal thermal conductivity.

Due to this product at the market, consumers could have choice between more expensive and inferior Russian foamed diatomite one an local chamotte ultra lightweight brick ShL 0,4.

Comparison of physical characteristics for following materials: KPD-400, ShL 0,4 (GOST 5040-96) and

KPL-400 (TU U26.2-32131555-002:2011) of PJSC "Belokamensky Refractory Plant"

No Name of characteristics KPD-400 ShL 0,4
GOST 5040-96
TU U26.2-32131555-002:2011
1 Appeared density, g/sm2, not more than 400 400 400
3 Strength limit during compression, N/mm2, not less than 1,6 1 2,2
4 Thermal conductivity, Wt (mK), not more during average temperature,
350± 25 °С
650± 25 °С
5 Max. application temperature, °С 950 1150 1000

Lightweight bricks KPL-40 to be used as thermal insulation lining, could increase significant thermal insulation efficiency, decrease refractory lining weight, reduce lining works cost and increase power unit's output.

New refractory material will guarantee to our customers prolongation of power unit lifetime without thermal insulation layer changing which helps to reduce expenses for refractory purchasing and overhauls.

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