Refractories in heat assemblies
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PJSC «Belokamensky Refractories" is the designer, manufacturer and supplier of Alumina Silica refractory materials with Al2O3 content up to 98%.

We produce refractory materials with the working temperature in range up to 1700 C in full accordance with GOST (State standards), and also according to Customer's drawings, following special technological demands and working conditions:

- mullite and mullite-corundum refractory materials: MKS-90,MKS-72, MKF-74, MKV-72, MLS-62, MKRA;

- corundum refractory materials: KF, KSP, KS-98, KN-20, KN-15, KN-5, KSH-70, KSH-50;

-chamotte refractory materials: ShA-1, ShAV-33, ShKU-39,ShKU-37, ShKU-32, ShAM-1, ShS-

ShV-28, ShTsU, ShTsS, ShKN-41, ShN-38, ShPD-39, ShPD-41, ShPD-43;

- unshaped refractory materials: MMK-72, MML-62, MSh-39, Msh-36, MMK-72, MKN, ZK-97, ZShA, refractory concretes;

- lightweight refractory materials: ShL-1,3; ShKL-1,3; ShL-1,0;

- super difficult fashion;

- production according to customer's drawings

Main customer of our products is Iron and Steel industry. Also our customers include sugar, cement, brick producers, as well as machine building and heat power industries. Our enterprise delivers production to 12 countries all over the world.

We are ready to supply ecologically safe refractory goods, produced under upgraded formula, which are not worse, but sometimes better than same local and foreign ones, We are pleased to cooperate with the enterprises, which are ready to use upgraded technologies in refractory lining of heat power units in order to save power and to increase operating characteristics.


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